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Installation and maintenance of your IT equipment

Mac Expert Joint Venture : Apple’s IT asset management solution

Enjoy peace of mind with Mac Expert’s installation and maintenance service for your Apple IT equipment! Quick support!

With our MacExpert Joint Venture IT fleet management solution, you can be sure to have all of your Mac Mac and MacBook devices constantly up to date and monitored by a certified Apple Product Professional expert.

We will therefore take care of the upgrade several times a year during our inspection visits and with each new version of Mac OS, as well as the setting of new features in order to allow you to get the most out of them. Your subscription allows you to benefit from the Hotline and support via TeamViewer 7 days a week and from 24 to 48 hour on-site intervention to allow you to resume your work as quickly as possible. Contact us to find the JointVenture solution that will simplify the management of your IT assets.

Optimized installation & configuration

An audit is carried out to establish your needs and define the specific expectations of each. Everything is important: the quality of the network, the quality of the cables, the capacity of the bandwidth, the type of material, the versions of software… Mac Expert intervenes and coordinates all types of actions: Installation of systems, disks, networks, routers, servers, backups, synchronization of Mac / MacBook devices, etc.

Adapted preventive maintenance contracts

Each computer park is different and changes over time: software, peripherals, new machines, network. Although it is not always necessary to change everything, evolving, maintaining and optimizing an IT infrastructure is imperative. We can offer you suitable preventive maintenance contracts for your IT equipment.

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