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Increase the performance of your Mac

With more than 15 years at the service of your Macs, we know perfectly how to give your Apple products a new lease of life, with performance gains 5 to 20 times greater. Let a real Apple expert guide you to help you get the most out of your Macs. There are several reasons why a computer can become slow over time. Mac Expert gives you some reasons and solutions to apply to boost the performance of your Mac. For more information or for any quick intervention on your Mac.

Install an SSD

Solid state drives (SSDs) are more and more popular and their price is falling. They are faster and less fragile than their predecessors, plus they consume less energy. Mac eXpert can advise you and intervene for the installation of SSD disks and ensure the optimization of your computer.

Increase memory (RAM)

You can add RAM, free (purge) your ram via the Memory Clean application (for example), Mac Expert advises you for any judicious purchase of RAM memory.

Optimize mac OS

For example, you can select the applications to run when the system starts up (in the system preferences) or deactivate unused features (for example: dashboard, the notification center, etc.). Ask us for advice for efficient and risk-free optimization of your Mac OS system.

Call on Mac Expert

We have put together a short list of all the steps you can take to optimize and boost the speed and performance of your Mac to breathe new life into it, to find it like new. Mac Expert can carry out a complete audit of your IT equipment and make all the necessary recommendations for optimizing your performance (software, hardware, networks, autonomy, use, etc.). We will take great care of all your Apple Mac, Mac, MacBook products and investments to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity.

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