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Welcome to Mac Expert. Our team of certified technicians ensures the repair and maintenance of all your Apple Mac products (iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini) in Dubai. Your Mac is too slow or no longer works? Need to increase the performance of your Mac (install an SSD disk or increase RAM) or hard disk replacement for your iMac and MacBook Pro? Do you want to recover your lost data? We are certified experts for repair all your Apple Mac products (IMac and MacBook Pro specialists). We offer you the free diagnosis and quotation of your Apple Mac computers (MacBook, IMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini) old or recent.

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augmenter les performance de mon mac

Increase the performance of your Mac

With more than 15 years at the service of your Mac, we know perfectly how to allow your Apple products to find a new breath (SSD disk installation, increase of RAM memory, system settings, etc.). Our intervention ensures performance gains of 5 to 20 times higher. Let yourself be guided by an Apple expert to help you make the most of your Mac.

donnes perdues erreur manipulation fichiers effaces disque dur hs corrompu documents introuvables data recovery recuperation donnees supprimees

Data recovery

An accident or bad manipulation and you have just lost your data, photos, emails, works and documents … your hard drive makes a strange noise and you do not access your files anymore. Do not panic ! Do not touch anything, contact us without waiting. We are the only ones in Dubai equipped with hardware and software allowing us to recover lost or corrupted data from your Mac. Quote and free estimate.

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